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JTouch Plus Series

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A recent survey revealed that 81% of educators agree that incorporating technology into the classroom increases student engagement and improves collaboration.

Technology, such as the JTouch Plus, makes it easier for students to share and present work at the front of the class, for teachers to display multiple students work simultaneously, and for groups to brainstorm or perform joint research.

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JTouch Plus INF7530 Series


The JTouch Plus’s powerful 75-inch 4k display, intuitive touchscreen, and customizable Android platform gives educators that all-in-one tool they need to bring lessons to life. Take your students to the Amazon for Biology, through a quadratic equation for math, and back in time for history with the new JTouch Plus.

  • Total Touch Control means no remote required
  • Open & Customizable Android Platform
  • Cost-Effective & Low Maintenance
  • 75-inch, 4K display
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Interactive Whiteboard

Interact with natural gestures already familiar to you.

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Free teachers from the front of the class.

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Open Android and universal compatibility leaves no one out.

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Use the apps you want to access content like YouTube, YouEducate, DropBox, and Google Drive.

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